Best skinny jeans for women

Best skinny jeans for women


Skinny jeans have, obviously, become one of the most important fashion accessories in the recent times. Every season we can see more and more women on the streets wearing these kinds of jeans, and even this fashion season has the skinny jeans as one of the most important highlights of it.

But let us, for the starters, see what exactly falls under the category of this kind of clothing. The skinny jeans (also called slim fit) usually have a comfortable fit through the legs and also usually end with a pretty small leg opening, with that opening sometimes having a zip.

These kinds of jeans are made of denim, and this is the material that certainly allows a really slim fit. They can, of course, also be worn by men, and it is easy to see more and more men wearing them every day – it is a part of the fashion of the decade we’re living in – the 10’s.

Best shops for skinny jeans?

And that is where we come to buying this piece of clothing – many women buy skinny jeans for the first time and don’t exactly know what they’re in for and what exactly they should buy. A good pair of these jeans has to slim the thighs and to make you look thin while moving the lower part of your body around. Also, have in mind that some pairs of slim jeans for women have a reinforced front, which means that they will flatten your stomach.

When it comes to buying them, one of the greatest places is DL1961 premium jeans – this is a company that launched in the autumn of 2008 and made its name in the world of denim trousers pretty quickly.

The philosophy of the company is that a perfect pair of jeans can be worn 24/7 and that there is such a pair for everyone. And that is exactly what you will think when you enter their website – there is a load of skinny jeans to be seen there, all of them looking great and definitely worth the money.

Our favorites would be the Margaux Monsoon (28″ inseam) and Emma Crescent (29″ inseam) – they are both comfortable and look really great.

Another company with tradition where you will find next generation of denim jeans at fair price is warpweftworld. There will find awesome original jeans for women and men, all fit Skinny, Straight, Bootcut, Shorts or Jumpsuits/Rompers.

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